Devoted To Rock was formed in March 2009, with the intention of creating a great rock covers band. The nucleus of the band had been involved in cover bands before and had a desire to play great rock songs from the 70's/80's  right up to modern classics. The formula was to be simple, play great songs that everyone knows, that you can sing along to, tap your foot to. Not tracks that make you finish your drink and move to a quieter venue. They were hoping their brand of music would go down well enough for them to enjoy a steady stream of dates. They were wrong. Since their first gig in April 2009 and with every other show they’ve played, the performances have been so well received, that the demand for the band has reached such a level,  they can no longer play all the gigs they’re offered. In a short space of time they have became one of the busiest, one of the most in demand, and probably the best rock covers band playing the Midlands today. If you want to have a great night out and see a great show with the best band on the circuit today, then you have to catch Devoted To Rock, the next time they’re playing near you.

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Guitar, keyboard and vocals. A multi talented  all rounder. He splits his time between D2R and his other band Empty Head.



Keyboards. Again James is a veteran of several other musical projects. Since joining D2R, he has taken our repertoire to another level. A top keyboard player.






Bass guitar and vocals. Rick is one of the Midlands most respected musicians and tutors. Founding member of Tranzam and the driving force behind Rock Against Cancer.  His love of playing live has never diminished and most weekends he'll be enjoying himself with one of his many projects.



Drums. Dan was an original member of the Bank's Battle of The Bands winners, Heresy. At present D2R is his only project, luckily for us.




Guitar. Jack is another veteran of several bands. He has retired his Strats and Les Pauls and almost exclusively uses PRS with either Messa Boogie, Marshall or Peavey.





Vocals. Kevin joined in 2013 to share the singing duties with Ade. Due to our busy schedule, it became apparent, two vocalists were required. Kevin has been fronting rock bands since the 80's. OceanBridge,Roadkill and Black Country Rock are just three of the Midlands bands to have enjoyed his unique vocal style. A consumate professional, he makes every show a spectacle not to be missed. A welcome addition to the D2R roster.




Drums. Mark helped us out on several occassions before joining the band on a permanent basis. Fantastic drummer, who keeps us all in time with his precision technique. A valuable addition to the D2R roster.